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Sara Torres


A proud resident of Kennesaw for over a decade, Sara is deeply ingrained in the community fabric. Over the years, she has not only called Kennesaw home but has also forged meaningful connections with many of its residents and business owners. Through her active involvement, Sara has witnessed the city's evolution and adaptation, fostering a deep sense of optimism about what the future holds for Kennesaw.

An alumna, of Kennesaw State University, Sara earned her Bachelor of Science in Communication with a focus on Media Studies. Adjacent to downtown, Sara, alongside her husband and their two dogs, embraces the vibrant community that Kennesaw offers.

Beyond her commitment to civic leadership, Sara is the driving force behind her own marketing agency. Simultaneously, she actively engages with the horse community, competing at shows, and contributing to the growth of southeastern clubs. Sara's multifaceted involvement in Kennesaw's life, coupled with her firsthand experience of the city's progression, uniquely positions her to lead Kennesaw into a future that reflects the values and aspirations of its thriving community.

Building Tomorrow Together

A Vision for Progress, Unity, and Community Well-Being. 

Dedicated to fostering collaborative leadership, Sara Torres is committed to ensuring that, as a candidate for Kennesaw City Council, the city evolves thoughtfully and inclusively. Her unwavering focus is on the best interests of the residents and she is devoted to representing the diverse needs of the community.

Sara envisions a Kennesaw that can grow responsibly, striking a balance between economic development and the preservation of our unique character. In her role as a prospective council representative, Sara pledges to prioritize the enhancement of public services, advocate for improved infrastructure, and champion robust safety measures. Her dedication extends to fostering a thriving local economy by encouraging entrepreneurship and creating meaningful opportunities for residents.

Join Sara Torres in the endeavor to shape a Kennesaw where thoughtful progress and unity take center stage. Let's build a community we can all be proud to call home.

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